BRH Enterprises LLC

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BRH Enterprises LLC
Serving your home repair needs!

Here at BRH our mission is to make your home repair or improvement as easy and as affordable as possible for you, while still maintaining the superb quality of work and customer service we strive to put into each and every task.  We are not like the giant companies who will do whatever it takes to get more money out of you. Instead, we are the perfect size to get everything you need done while seeing that personal care and quality goes into your home.  We do not treat you as "just another house" because we understand that this "house" is actually your home, where memories are made and families are raised.  We make sure that the quality of workmanship, service, and materials are of the highest quality and we make sure that anything we do for your house is no different in quality than that of which we would do for our own houses.  

Here at BRH we specialize in storm damage repair for your home.  When a storm with high winds and/or hail happens to your community, your roof, siding, and gutters are all susceptible to the damage caused by these storms.  Your insurance company is liable for the repairs of this damage under your homeowner's policy, so this means that you can get a new roof, siding, gutters, or anything damaged all for just your small fee of the deductible from you.  The hailstones cause indentations in your roof's shingles (like in the picture to the left and below) which will cause the roof to leak and cause more expensive interior damage to your home and personal belongings.  This is the reason the Insurance company pays for new exteriors to prevent that from happening.  Our goal is to get you quality exteriors for the cheapest price legally to you, which is just your deductible, and to get your insurance company to pay for the rest for you.  

Picture below is wind damage to roof which also qualifies you for insurance to pay for!